Send an Outgoing Fax via the Web Dashboard

  1. Login to the web Dashboard. Your URL and credentials will have been sent to you in an email.
  1. Once in the dashboard, go to Applications and click Fax Server.
  1. Once in the fax server tab, click New to create a new fax.
  1. When filling out the new fax form, ensure that you enter a valid phone number under the Fax Number field and either choose a file or add a message. The file needs to be in PDF form. If you would like to delete the footer, that will not affect anything.
  1. To choose a file, click Choose File. This will open your file explorer.
  1. Once the file explorer opens, choose the file that you would like to send and click Open. Again, ensure that the file you are trying to open is a PDF.
  1. Once your file appears under the fax files field, click Send to send the fax.

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