Installing/configuring the Zoiper Softphone app on PC

  1. Navigate to and click the Download link.
  1. Click the Download link under the section labeled free. The app will work on the free plan and can be upgraded at a later date if you would like more features to be available.
  1. Allow the prompt that appears to time out and then Click the X in the top right of the screen to exit out of the pop-up.
  1. For Microsoft Edge: Click the Downloads Arrow at the top right of the search bar and Open the File that just downloaded.
    For Google Chrome: Click the Arrow at the bottom left of your screen and click Open on the file that just downloaded.
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
  1. If your computer asks to make changes, click Allow. Once the Zoiper Setup Wizard pops up, click Next to continue with setup.
  1. Ensure that you Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  1. Leave the settings on this prompt the same and click Next.
  1. Click Next for the next two (2) prompts.
  1. Ensure that the version that is Auto detected by your computer is the one that you have selected. Click Next.
  1. Click Next for the next two (2) prompts again.
  1. Click Finish to complete the installation of Zoiper.
  1. Find the Zoiper5 app on your desktop and Double Click the icon to open the application.
  1. Select Continue as a Free User once the application opens.
  1. Enter the credentials provided via email. Under the Username/Login field, ensure that you include :5070 at the end of your login. Click Login.
  1. Ensure that the domain matches the @ in your username (including the :5070). Click Next.
  1. Skip the optional prompt.
  1. Ensure that SIP TCP is Found and click Next.
  1. If a green check appears next to your login name at the top left of the screen, you are all set!

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