Configuring the Groundwire cell app on iPhone

  1. Download the Acrobits Groundwire app on the app store and then open it.
  1. Click OK to allow access to contacts.
  1. Agree to the Terms of Service by clicking I AGREE at the top left.
  1. Enter in your Account details
    • Title: Enter your company’s name
    • Username: (provided to you via email)
    • Password: (provided to you via email)
    • Domain: (provided to you via email)
      • Ensure that at the end of the domain you include :5070.
  1. Select Incoming Calls and change to Push Notifications
  1. Go back to the New Account page.
  1. Click Advanced Settings.
  1. Click the NAT Traversal tab and Enable Ignore Symmetric NAT. Go back to the advanced settings page.
  1. Disable Video Calls.
  1. Scroll down a little and click the Codecs for Wifi tab.
  1. Drag G.729A to the top of the list, then go back to the advance settings page.
  1. Click the Caller ID Method tab and change to P-Asserted-Identity. Go back to the advanced settings page.
  1. Enable Device Feature Key Synchronization and scroll down. Disable Display calls answered elsewhere.
  1. Click Done in the top right.
  1. Click the Settings button on the top left.
  1. Click Done to save all settings.
  1. Allow Groundwire to send push notifications.
  1. The account name at the top left should be green. If it’s not, you likely typed your password incorrectly when setting up the account. If it is green… congratulations! You are now able to make and receive calls via the cell app. If you would like your cell app to ring for incoming calls to the office, please reach out to us and let us know.
  2. The first time you dial a number, you will be prompted to allow microphone access.

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